July 2008

SVA studio artists Ann-Margreth Bohl reports on her recent trip to Laubach art-symposium

At the end of June I set off for 12 days to Germany to attend the 2nd international art-symposium in Laubach ( www.kuenstlersymposion-laubach ). My rucksack full of stonecarvingtools I arrived in this little town Laubach in the center of Germany. The town spreads around a castle and it's grounds. It's enthusiasm for art and culture clearly penetrated the atmosphere. For me, the first time away from my children (8&4). I could not believe my luck. materials,accommodation and delicious food all provided.

I had 12 days ahead of me to focus on my stone, to create within this time a piece inspired by the park I was privileged to work in.

The stone was harder and larger than my previous pieces, consequently I worked from dawn to dusk (which was no hardship at all). I was one of 16 artists, we did not know each other, which soon changed, and our mediums were all very different. From a conceptual video piece to watercolours,to a giant metal structure above a grave.

A debate was initiated by the organisers and a literature professor of the near by university about "why do humans need art?".

The symposium ended with an exhibition, during which art pieces could be purchased by the viewers.
I was one of the people selling my artwork and I was very glad I did, as I think there would have been no way to get that stone through customs on my return journey.

Ann-Margreth Bohl